Expo is a very useful environment that can help you create and distribute your React Native apps. It can often take away the friction of using Xcode and Android studio as it allows you to test your app directly on your phone. Some of its downsides are that it does hide plenty of configurations from you and there isn’t as much help with error handling out there as I would like.

What is an Environment Variable?

An environment variable is a variable who’s value is set from outside the program. This variable is made up of a key/value pair that can be accessed simply by…

In 2014, the country’s largest tech companies voluntarily released the sector’s first diversity reports. The numbers back then were woeful. Now, seven years later, very little has changed.

Why is diversity important?

Before I dive any deeper into the subject of inclusion, I first want to answer the big question: why does any of this even matter? In a society where we’ve been trained to value (or at least pretend to) wider representation, many have glossed over the very material benefits that increased diversity provides a company and society at large.

  1. Increasing employee engagement: Inclusive workplaces report higher levels of employee engagement than less…

Are you currently trying to test your limits by only using Ruby, CSS, and HTML to build a website? Bruce Lee would be proud! Chances are, you’ve probably run into a variety of challenges. In this article, I’ll attempt to lighten some of the load by showing you a fairly straightforward way to take user input to filter output in a Rails webpage

Heads up

The method that I’m showing here works very well if you’re seeking to search within a “child class” (a class that belongs_to a parent class) or are looking to filter output based on the attributes that…

Everybody makes mistakes and if you’re building software, you’ll make a lot of mistakes. Erring is an essential part of coding. It can teach us valuable lessons about patience and deepen our understanding of the languages that we work with everyday. One Ruby tool in particular allows us to test our assumptions directly in the console of your program.

Introducing Pry

Pry is a Ruby gem and an interactive REPL (Read, Evaluate, Print Loop). A REPL is a programming environment that takes user input, evaluates it and outputs the result to the user. Other commonly used REPLs like IRB require you…

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Software Engineer passionate about Social Impact

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